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PDUs for GLC Events

You can report your PDUs at the PMI Headquarters website by using either the PDF document and send in your PDUs or use the online tool. Both are available online at the PMI website by following the following steps -

  1. 1. Go to and log into your myPMI account. If you don't have an ID then you must create one.
  2. 2. Select "myPMI".
  3. 3. On the "Dashboard" page, select "Report PDUs" from the right column
  4. 4. Your personal info appears with your PMI ID in the left column.
  5. 5. Select "Report PDUs" from the left column
  6. 6. The event detail pages will appear in sequence. Follow the guidelines for PMI GLC found here.
  7. 7. The CCRS User Guide and Certification Handbooks can be found here.
  8. 8. CCRS FAQs can be found here. An instructional video can be found here.
  9. 9. To submit PDUs manually, access the printable PDU Activity Reporting Form on the "Additional Resources" page under "Additional Links" at the bottom of the page.

The table below is an at-a-glance listing of the PDU program numbers for PMI-GLC events.

Program NumberDescriptionPDUsPDUs Effective Month
C011-121415Dec 2015 Dinner meeting1.50December-2015
C011-110915Nov 2015 Dinner meeting1.50November-2015
C011-110915FNov 2015 Leadership Forum1.00November-2015
C011-1016152015 Professional Development Day6.00October-2015
C011-101215Oct 2015 Dinner1.50October-2015
C011-101215FOct 2015 Forum1.00October-2015
C011-09192012015 PMP Exam Prep Course 35.00October-2015
C011-0914152015 September Dinner Meeting1.50September-2015
C011-091415F2015 SEPTEMBER FORUM1.00September-2015
C011-0822152015 Golf Outing1.50August-2015
C011-0812152015 Open House 2.00August-2015
C011041313FJune Forum - 20151.00June-2015
C011041315FJune Dinner Meeting - 20151.50June-2015
C011-05115FMAY FORUM - 20151.00May-2015
C011-051115 MAY DINNER MEETING - 20151.50May-2015
0424152015 Symposium8.00April-2015
C011-041315April Dinner Meeting 20151.50April-2015
C011-041315FApril Forum 20151.00April-2015
C011-030915March 2015 Dinner Meeting 1.50March-2015
C011-020915February 2015 Dinner Meeting1.50February-2015
C011-011215January 2015 Dinner Meeting1.50January-2015
C011-120814Dinner Meeting December 20141.50December-2014
C011-120814FForum December 20141.50December-2014
C011-11152014Communication Workshop for PMs-Nov 20146.00November-2014
C011-111014Dinner Meeting November 20141.50November-2014
C011-111014FForum November 20141.00November-2014
C011-10182014Communication Workshop for PMs-Oct 20146.00October-2014
C011-100614Dinner Meeting October 20141.50October-2014
C011-100614FForum October 20141.00October-2014
C011-090814Dinner Meeting September 20141.50September-2014
C011-090814FForum September 2014 1.00September-2014
C011-0813142014 Annual Networking Event and Open House2.00August-2014
C011-07122014PMP Exam Review - Summer35.00August-2014
C011-060914Dinner Meeting June 20141.50June-2014
C011-060914FForum June 20141.00June-2014
C011-051214Dinner Meeting May 20141.50May-2014
C011-051214FForum May 20141.00May-2014
C011-04052014PMP Exam Review Course - Spring 201435.00April-2014
04262014Fundamentals of Sustainable Leadership8.00April-2014
C011-042514Spring Symposium 20148.00April-2014
C011-03222014CAPM Exam Review Course - Spring 201424.00April-2014
C011-040714Dinner Meeting April 20141.50April-2014
C011-040714FForum April 20141.00April-2014
C011-030814ACP Summary Course- Spring 201412.00March-2014
C011-031014Dinner Meeting March 20141.50March-2014
C011-031014FForum March 20141.00March-2014
C011-021014Dinner Meeting February 20141.50February-2014
C011-021014FForum February 20141.00February-2014
C011-011314 Dinner Meeting January 20141.50January-2014
C011-011314FForum January 20141.00January-2014
C011-120913Dinner Meeting December 20131.50December-2013
C011-120913FForum December 20131.00December-2013
C011-111113Dinner Meeting November 20131.50November-2013
C011-111113FForum November 20131.00November-2013
C011-10122013PMP Exam review - Fall 201324.00October-2013
C011-101413Dinner Meeting October 20131.50October-2013
C011-101413FForum October 20131.00October-2013
C011-09142013 CAPM® Exam Review Course - Fall 201324.00September-2013
C011-090913Dinner Meeting September 20131.50September-2013
C011-090913FForum September 20131.00September-2013
081413PMIGLC Networking and Job Fair Event 20132.00August-2013
C011-07242013ACP Summary Course9.00August-2013
C011-061513Summer Seminar June 20136.00June-2013
C011-061013Dinner Meeting June 20131.50June-2013
C011-061013FForum June 20131.00June-2013
C011-051313Dinner Meeting May 20131.50May-2013
C011-051313FForum May 20131.00May-2013
C011-042613Spring Symposium 20138.00April-2013
C011-040813Dinner Meeting April 20131.50April-2013
C011-040813FForum April 20131.00April-2013
C011-031113Dinner Meeting March 20131.50March-2013
C011-031113FForum March 20131.00March-2013
C011-021113Dinner Meeting February 20131.50February-2013
C011-021113FForum February 20131.00February-2013
C011-011413Dinner Meeting January 20131.50January-2013
C011-011413FForum January 20131.00January-2013
C011-121012Dinner Meeting December 2012 1.50December-2012
C011-121012FForum December 20121.00December-2012
C011-111212Dinner Meeting November 2012 1.50November-2012
C011-111212FForum November 2012 1.00November-2012
C011-10302012Fall Seminar Class II3.00October-2012
C011-10232012Fall Seminar Class I3.00October-2012
C011-10132012CAPM - One Day Summary Workshop - Oct 13, 20128.00October-2012
C011-10172012Fall Seminar Class III.3.00October-2012
C011-100812Dinner Meeting October 2012 1.50October-2012
C011-100812FForum October 2012 1.00October-2012
C011-091012Dinner Meeting September 2012 1.50September-2012
C011-091012FForum September 2012 1.00September-2012
C011-PMPTEMPFall 2012 Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam Prep36.00September-2012
C011-081512Open House August 20122.00August-2012
C011-061112Dinner Meeting June 2012 1.50June-2012
C011-061112FForum June 2012 1.00June-2012
C011-06062012Summer Seminar Class I3.00June-2012
C011-051412Dinner Meeting May 2012 1.50May-2012
C011-051412FForum May 2012 1.00May-2012
C011-042412Spring Symposium 2012 8.00April-2012
C011-040212Dinner Meeting April 2012 1.50April-2012
C011-040212FForum April 2012 1.00April-2012
C011-03272012Spring Seminar Class III: Implementing Corporate Strategy3.00March-2012
C011-03212012Spring Seminar Class II: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There3.00March-2012
C011-031212Dinner Meeting March 2012 1.50March-2012
C011-031212FForum March 2012 1.00March-2012
C011-03142012Spring Seminar Class I Best Practices in Project / Program Management3.00March-2012
C011-021312Dinner Meeting February 2012 1.50February-2012
C011-021312FForum February 2012 1.00February-2012
C011-06132012Summer Seminar Class II3.00January-2012
C011-06202012Summer Seminar Class III3.00January-2012
C011-010912Dinner Meeting January 2012 1.50January-2012
C011-010912FForum January 2012 1.00January-2012
C011-121211FDecember 2011 Forum1.00December-2011
C011-121211Dinner Meeting December 20111.50December-2011
C011-111411Dinner Meeting November 20111.50November-2011
C011-111411FNovember 2011 Forum1.00November-2011
C011-101011FOctober 2011 Forum1.00October-2011
C011-101011Dinner Meeting October 20111.50October-2011
C011-9292011Fall Seminar I Class III3.00September-2011
C011-9222011Fall Seminar I Class II3.00September-2011
C011-9152011Fall Seminar I Class I3.00September-2011
C011-091211FSeptember 2011 Forum1.00September-2011
C011-091211Dinner Meeting September 20111.50September-2011
C011-0817112011 Annual Networking Event2.00August-2011
C011-092411Fall 2011 CAPM Training24.00August-2011
C011-061311Dinner Meeting June 20111.50June-2011
C011-061311FJune 2011 Forum1.00June-2011
C011-5142011PMP Onground Class42.00May-2011
C011-050911FMay 2011 Forum1.00May-2011
C011-050911Dinner Meeting May 20111.50May-2011
C011-5052011May Seminar I - Virutal Teams, May Seminar I - Multicultural Teams AND Team Communication3.00May-2011
C011-0427112011 Annual Symposium8.00April-2011
C011-041111Dinner Meeting April 20111.50April-2011
CO11-041111FApril 2011 Forum1.00April-2011
CO11-031411FMarch 2011 Forum1.00March-2011
C011-031411Dinner Meeting March 20111.50March-2011
C011-3052011CAPM Class24.00March-2011
C011-011011Dinner Meeting January 20111.50February-2011
C011-021411Dinner Meeting February 20111.50February-2011
CO11-021411FFebruary 2011 Forum1.00February-2011
C011-2222011PMP Online Class42.00February-2011
CO11-011011FJanuary 2011 Forum1.00January-2011
CO11-121310FDecember 2010 Forum1.00December-2010
C011-121310December Dinner Meeting, 20101.50December-2010
C011-110810November Dinner Meeting, 20101.50November-2010
CO11-110810FNovember 2010 Forum1.00November-2010
C011-102110SFall Advanced Topics Seminar – Interpersonal Communication Skills for Project Managers. Class III.3.00October-2010
C011-101410SFall Advanced Topics Seminar – Interpersonal Communication Skills for Project Managers. Class II– Dealing with Difficult People. 3.00October-2010
CO11-101110FOctober 2010 Forum1.00October-2010
C011-101110October Dinner Meeting, 20101.50October-2010
C011-100710SFall Advanced Topics Seminar – Interpersonal Communication Skills for Project Managers. Class I – Verbal Self Defense Techniques.3.00October-2010
CO11-092010Online PMP Review Course (September 20 - October 29, 2010) 42.00September-2010
C011-ER0304March 8-April 19 2008 PMP Review Course 42.00September-2010
C011-ER0304May 20-June 26 PMP Review Course 42.00September-2010
C011-ER0304July 7-August 17 PMP Online Review Course42.00September-2010
C011-ER0304September 20-October 25 2008 PMP Review Course 42.00September-2010
CO11-091310FSeptember 2010 Forum1.00September-2010
C011-091310September Dinner Meeting, 20101.50September-2010
CO11-091110Face to Face PMP Exam Review Course42.00September-2010
081810Annual Networking Open House 20102.00August-2010
CO11-072610Online Advanced Topics Seminar Multicultural Teams (July 26 - 30, 2010)3.00July-2010
CO11-061410FJune 2010 Forum1.00June-2010
C011-061410June Dinner Meeting, 20101.50June-2010
C011-052010SSpring Advanced Topics Seminar -Advanced MS Project Class III.3.00May-2010
C011-051310SSpring Advanced Topics Seminar -Advanced MS Project Class II.3.00May-2010
C011-051010May Dinner Meeting, 20101.50May-2010
CO11-051010FMay 2010 Forum1.00May-2010
C011-050610SSpring Advanced Topics Seminar -Advanced MS Project Class I.3.00May-2010
C011-042810Annual Spring Symposium, 20108.00April-2010
CO11-041210FApril 2010 Forum1.00April-2010
C011-041210April Dinner Meeting, 20101.50April-2010
CO11-032210Online PMP Review Course (March 22 - May 2, 2010)42.00March-2010
C011-030810March Dinner Meeting, 20101.50March-2010
CO11-030810FMarch 2010 Forum1.00March-2010
CO11-020810FFebruary 2010 Forum1.00February-2010
C011-020810February Dinner Meeting, 20101.50February-2010
C011-011110January Dinner Meeting, 20101.50January-2010
CO11-011110FJanuary 2010 Forum1.00January-2010
C011-121409FDecember 2009 forum1.00December-2009
C011-121409December Dinner Meeting, 20091.50December-2009
C011-111809Seminar, November 18, 20093.00November-2009
C011-111109Seminar, November 11, 20093.00November-2009
C011-110909FNovember 2009 forum1.00November-2009
C011-110909November Dinnier Meeting, 20091.50November-2009
C011-110409Seminar, November 4, 20093.00November-2009
C011-102609Seminar Online October 26-November 1, 20093.00October-2009
C011-101209FOctober 2009 forum1.00October-2009
C011-101209October Dinner Meeting, 20091.50October-2009
C011-100709Menlo Site Visit, October 20091.50October-2009
C011-092409Seminar, September 24, 20093.00September-2009
C011-091709Seminar, September 17, 20093.00September-2009
C011-091409FSeptember 2009 forum1.00September-2009
C011-091409September Dinner Meeting, 20091.50September-2009
C011-091009Seminar, September 10, 20093.00September-2009
C011-081909Open House 20092.00August-2009
C011-060809June Dinner Meeting, 20091.50June-2009
C011-060809FJune 2009 Forum1.00June-2009
C011-051109FMay 2009 Forum1.00May-2009
C011-051109May Dinner Meeting, 20091.50May-2009
C011-0429092009 Annual Spring Symposium8.00April-2009
C011-042009Seminar online April 20-26, 20093.00April-2009
C011-041309FApril 2009 forum1.00April-2009
C011-041309April Dinner Meeting, 20091.50April-2009
C011-032509Seminar, March 25, 20093.00March-2009
C011-031809Seminar, March 18, 20093.00March-2009
C011-031109Seminar, March 11, 20093.00March-2009
C011-030909FMarch 2009 forum1.00March-2009
C011-030909March Dinner Meeting, 20091.50March-2009
C011-021909Seminar, February 19, 20093.00February-2009
C011-021209Seminar February 12 20093.00February-2009
C011-020909FFebruary 2009 forum1.00February-2009
C011-020909February Dinner Meeting, 20091.50February-2009
C011-020509Seminar, February 5 20093.00February-2009
C011-011209FJanuary 2009 forum1.00January-2009
C011-011209January Dinner Meeting, 20091.50January-2009
C011-120808December Dinner Meeting1.50December-2008
C011-120808fDecember 8, 2008 forum, Value of a PMO1.00December-2008
C011-111308November 13 2008 Advanced Topics Seminar, Facilitating Project Teams3.00November-2008
C011-111008fNovember 10 forum, Migrations as a Scope Management process 1.00November-2008
C011-111008November Dinner Meeting1.50November-2008
C011-110608Advanced Topics Seminar, Conflict within Project Teams3.00November-2008
C011-110108CAPM Review Course24.00November-2008
C011-101308FOctober 13, 2008 forum, Personal Financial Portfolio Management1.00October-2008
C011-101308October Dinner Meeting1.50October-2008
C011-101308F2October 13 2008 Forum Online1.00October-2008
C011-092508September 25 2008 Advanced Topics Seminar, OPM33.00September-2008
C011-091808September 18 2008 Advanced Topics Seminars, Multicultural Teams3.00September-2008
C011-091108September 11 Advanced Topics Seminar, Agile Project Management3.00September-2008
C011-090808fSeptember 8, 2008 forum1.00September-2008
C011-090808September Dinner Meeting1.50September-2008
C011-082008Annual Networking Open House2.00August-2008
C011-060908June Dinner Meeting: IT System Delivery Methodologies for the Real World1.50June-2008
C011-051208fMay, 2008 forum, Six Sigma Mirrors Project Management1.00May-2008
C011-051208May Dinner Meeting: Global Program Management: Executing Product Programs across Multiple Regions1.50May-2008
C011-050508May 5-9 Online Advanced Topics Seminar 3.00May-2008
C011-050508fJune, 2008 forum, Risk Management1.00May-2008
C011-042408April 24 2008 Advanced Topic Seminar, Leadership3.00April-2008
C011-042308Annual Spring Symposium: Diversity: A Successful Approach8.00April-2008
C011-041708April 17 2008 Advanced Topic Seminar, Project, Program, Portfolio Management3.00April-2008
C011-041408April Dinner Meeting1.50April-2008
C011-041408fApril 14, 2008, forum, Project Management K-121.00April-2008
C011-041008April 10 2008 Advanced Topic Seminar: Strategic Project Successes Failures3.00April-2008
C011-031208PDD: Delivering Visibility, Control, and Management to Projects4.00March-2008
C011-031008March Dinner Meeting: Resolving Options1.50March-2008
C011-031008fMarch 10, 2008 Forum, Dispute Resolution1.00March-2008
C011-022608Seminar: 2/26, 2008 Scheduling for Program/Portfolio management 3.00February-2008
C011-021908Seminar: 2/19, 2008 Scheduling for Program Management 3.00February-2008
C011-021208Seminar: 2/12, 2008 Scheduling3.00February-2008
C011-021108February Dinner Meeting: Is your Product Development Process Performing to the Competitive Time to Market Trends?1.50February-2008
C011-021108fFebruary 2008 forum Standards & PMBOK Processes1.00February-2008
C011-021108f2February 2008 forum Standards & PMBOK Processes (online)1.00February-2008
C011-012108Online PMP Review course 42.00January-2008
C011-011408fJanuary Forum1.00January-2008
C011-011408fJanuary 2008 Forum Career Development1.00January-2008
C011-011408January Dinner Meeting: Influence without Authority and Navigating through Internal Politics1.50January-2008
C011-ER0305CAPM Review Online Course March 16-April 4, 200924.00 
C011-020311Winter Advanced Topics Seminar - MS Project Class I3.00 
C011-021011Winter Advanced Topics Seminar - MS Project Class II3.00 
C011-021711Winter Advanced Topics Seminar - MS Project Class III3.00 

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